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    What to Do Right After a Move

    All the planning has paid off. Your move went off without any major setbacks and you are sitting at your dining room table, currently in the living room, enjoying some pizza on the corner that you have cleared boxes from. The question is: so what’s next? There are some things that you should do right after your move is complete, and here is a list of a few of them.

    Break Out the Camera

    Are you renting? Then pictures of your blank walls and unadorned floors can be very important for the day of your next move. Security deposits are only returned if the apartment you are renting is left in exactly the same condition it was in when you moved into the place. That means you have to prove that you have done this. What better proof is there than photos of the place on the day that you moved in.

    Taking photos like this can also help you to inspect the new apartment for any defects that you need to report to your landlord. Make sure to document anything that you find immediately to your landlord so they have a record of it on your move in day.

    Take Inventory of Your Belongings

    You may not have figured out where grandma’s lamp is going to go, but you should unpack it enough to make sure that there was no breakage done to it. Then repeat the process with everything you have brought along with you.

    An inventory like this is very important if you had a professional moving company move your belongings for you. If things were broken, they will need to be notified so that they can file the appropriate claim with your move insurance. Some movers offer a limited amount of time to file breakage claims, so the sooner you get this step done the sooner you can get any breakage issues resolved.

    Handle the Local Paperwork

    Do you need to update license plates for your car or get your pets registered? If you haven’t begun the process before you moved, then you should get the ball rolling the day after. Most localities and provinces will give you a limited amount of time to have your paperwork updated after your move, so don’t delay.

    Change the Locks

    Do you know who the previous residents of your home gave keys out to? Are you sure that they gave you a copy of every key that was ever made for the door? If not, then you might want to get the locks on your home changed. It is your house now, so you should make sure to keep it safe and secure. This can prevent you from having to deal with any unwanted access to your home from people you have not authorized.

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