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    Stay Safe During Your Summer Moves

    Lots of people move during the summer. It is actually the busiest moving season. The thing is the summer can actually be one of the most dangerous times to move due to the heat. Sunburn, heat stroke, dehydration and injuries can all occur during a summer move. Here are some tips for staying safe during your summer move.

    Dress for the Occasion

    Odds are it is going to be hot. Even if your old home and your new one both have air conditioning you are going to have all the doors open to carry things in and out. This means you should dress for the occasion.

    Wear clothing that will be protective but give you plenty of room to breathe. Dry-fit shirts, shorts and tank tops are all great choices for your summer move. Resist the urge to move in sandals or flip flops. Protect your feet with boots at best or sneakers at worst.

    Remember: while you may not want to, remember to keep the gloves on. They will keep your hands safe; warm, but safe.

    Stay Hydrated

    If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. That means you should have begun drinking a long time ago.

    Keep lots of water or sports drinks on hand to keep your movers hydrated and their electrolyte levels up. Dehydration can happen very quickly. It is dangerous and can lead to injuries as well as a hospital visit in extreme cases. You don’t want to feel your strength giving out halfway up the staircase with your antique wardrobe.

    Keep Organized

    Moving takes a lot of physical effort. The heat can drain the energy from you quickly. That means that making several trips to get one item moved or having to unload things in a truck simply because you forgot a larger piece is even more draining in the summer heat.

    Start with a list and follow it carefully. Keeping organized will make your move efficient which is one of the keys to beating a hot summer move.

    Acclimate to the Heat

    If you just spent three hours in an air conditioned truck driving to your new home, don’t jump out into 85 degree humidity and start hauling things into your new home.

    Your body needs time to adjust to the change in temperature. Give yourself at least fifteen minutes, or up to an hour if you can, so your body can adjust to the warmer temperatures. This will reduce your risk for heat stroke.

    Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

    Sunburns happen. If you are outside loading a truck in a parking lot or driveway on a sunny day you are at risk. Keep all of the exposed parts of your body protected with sunblock. For an all-day move you may want to refresh your sunblock halfway through.

    Hire Professional Movers in Castlegar to Beat the Heat

    The best idea is to let the professional movers in Castlegar who work at Kootenai moving do the hard work for you. We will do all the work and keep safe at the same time. Get a free estimate here.