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    Doing Business with Us

    Your Rights

    This short video by Craig Courtenay, Owner/Manager of Kootenai Moving explains our approach to making you happy.

    Four Important Points about Doing Business with Us (3:32)

    As a fully insured and licensed moving company we want you to understand your rights when you move. For more information contact us now for a personal explanation and/or a free moving quote.

    Prices and Buying Process

    Estimating the cost of a move depends on a lot of different factors, so we may not be able to give you an estimate immediately, but please call us now at 250 354 8402 or fill one of our estimate forms (Long Distance Estimate Form, Local Estimate Form) for a free, no obligation quote. We’ll do everything we can to provide this over the phone or we may need to conduct a free in-home survey to determine exactly what services you need.

    What Happens when you call us:

    1. You tell us what you are trying to accomplish and together we will craft our services to best fit your needs. Are you moving out of the country? Are you moving within the area? Do you need to put some items in storage? Whatever you need, we can help.
    2. We aim to give you a no-hassle, no obligation consultation on the same day, usually between 6 – 8.30pm.
    3. We work with your request to give you several different options and prices for accomplishing your goals, and estimates for each method.
    4. You decide what services you would like to use.
    5. We book a convenient time for your move.
    6. And you’re done! 🙂


    Our priority is to let our customers know exactly where they stand during their move. In the extremely unlikely event that anything goes wrong in your move – for example if a piece of furniture goes into storage when it should have gone to another property – we want to know as soon as possible and we will rectify the problem immediately.

    We pride ourselves on the planning and care we put into every move, but we can’t get it completely right every time. Rest assured that if anything goes wrong we will put it right. For all aftercare inquiries call us at our local number 250 354 8402.
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