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    Keep Your Valuables Safe during Your Move

    Planning on packing things up yourself to save money? While that can be a good idea if you are moving on a limited budget, you don’t want to end up costing yourself more by damaging your valuables. While books can easily be packed into paper boxes and clothes can be put into suit cases or boxes recovered from grocery stores, Grandma’s china needs a little more TLC. Here are some tips for packing your china, crystal and other fragile items.

    Get Insured

    While some homeowners polices will cover a move, others will not. To ensure that you are going to be covered, you should contact your policy holder and ask what their moving coverage is. If they do not cover moves, make sure to purchase insurance for anything that you are going to be loading into a moving truck. Make sure to take it out for the specific value of any antiques you might be taking with you as often times they require special coverage.

    Keep Small Things Close By

    Knowing what not to pack into the truck can be as important as knowing what to pack. Items like jewelry, small family heirlooms or important documents should be kept with you and carried in your car. If you are not able to do so, pack them up separately and mail them using a commercial mail carrier. That way you know that the items are safe.

    Don’t Skimp on Packing Material

    For items like crystal or china, there are special boxes and packing materials available. The added cost is worth it when you consider the cost that it might take to replace those things. Some of them might be irreplaceable. Ensuring that you have the right boxes to get the job done will help prevent any accidental breaks or items getting ruined.

    Tape Up Paintings

    During a hurricane many photographers and art galleries will put an X made of painter’s tape across anything that is under glass. Why do they do this? The tape-X will help to prevent the glass from shattering should something happen to it. This will help to prevent your photos or paintings from being damaged by any accidental glass breakage.

    Don’t Stack Dishes

    If you are packing china, remember that dishes should be packed side by side, not stacked. A stack will slowly increase the weight of the dishes upon the ones at the bottom. This increase pressure can and will eventually crack those dishes on the bottom. Prevent this by packing dishes side by side and making sure that nothing heavy is stacked on top of them when they are loaded into the moving truck.

    Trust Your Movers in Castlegar

    Why not give yourself the peace of mind of having a professional mover pack up all of your valuables for you. Kootenai Moving can help you get your move done right and at a much lower cost than you might think. Contact us today for a quote!