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    Choose the Perfect Moving Date

    One of the hardest parts of moving can be choosing the right date to move. You might not even know how to pick the perfect date. There are a few factors that can figure into making sure that you time your move perfectly. Here are some things that you should consider when choosing the best date for your move.

    Your Needs for the Move

    The first thing you should consider are your needs. Is your move being prompted by a new job? Then you will need to take into consideration the start date of your new job when choosing the date of your move. Remember, if this is the case, you want to leave yourself enough time to get settled before jumping into your new position.

    Other things you might need to consider are things like school schedules. It may be necessary to put your move off until the end of a semester or school year depending on the needs of your children. Moving in the middle of the year can be stressful to kids, so putting it off can be critical.

    These are just a couple examples of the personal needs you might need to consider for you move. Considering your specific needs helps to narrow down just the right date for you.


    Moving can get expensive. Many moving companies charge more to move on weekends than they do for during the week moves. During those busy times the cost of your move can increase considerably. The same goes for rental equipment like moving trucks.

    Avoiding weekends and the beginning or the end of the month can help to reduce the cost of your move. If you have flexibility in your move schedule you may wish to consider this when planning your move date.


    Who is going to be helping you out with your move? Are you going to have friends and family pitch in or are you planning on using professional movers? Either way, you are going to need to plan around the availability of the people who are going to be doing the move with or for you.

    Moving companies can often be booked months in advance. The same goes for rental trucks and other moving equipment. Before selecting your date, make sure that everything you need will be available for you when you need it.

    Rental Agreements

    If you are renting then your choice of move dates may be dictated by your rental agreement. Yearly leases are typically very strict in their move out dates. You don’t want to be caught renewing your lease because you were unable to move out on time.

    The same can go for the start date of a new rental property. You must wait until your lease starts before moving in. You will need to take both into consideration when planning your move date.

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