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    Unique Packing and Other Tips for Moving

    Plenty of advice exists on the internet for traditional packing. As a matter of fact, since packing tends to be the longest part of the move, that makes sense. If you are a person who likes to think outside of the box however, here are some unique packing tips that can help to make your Castlegar move, or any move for that matter, much easier.

    Use That Old Clothing

    During the packing process you are sure to come across old clothes that you are planning on disposing of. Instead of throwing them away immediately, why not hang on to them and use them. This might allow you to pack more of your closet so you have less to do closer to your move. Just keep using those clothes until it is time to move and then give them away on moving day. It is a great way to get some final use out of things you were planning on disposing of anyway.

    Roll Your Clothes for Packing

    While folding your clothes and putting them into boxes might be the easiest way to unpack them, straight into closets it may not be the best way to save space. Rolling your clothing can actually let you squeeze more in them per box. Sure, you might have to do a little ironing or refolding once you are ready to unpack them but you can save a few dollars on boxes.

    Make Use of Your Camera

    Looking for a quick way to identify all of the boxes you have packed? After your boxes are taped up and labeled take a picture of each one of them. This will allow you to keep a visual inventory of all of the boxes that have gotten loaded onto the moving truck.

    Once the truck arrives and has been unpacked, you can quickly see if all of the boxes you photographed have arrived. You should be able to identify any boxes that might be missing and what the contents of those boxes are quickly.

    Prioritize Your Packing

    This might take a little more effort on your part but it can help you out if you are not going to be unpacking all of your boxes immediately after your arrival.

    Start by figuring out what you are going to need first when you arrive at your new home. Set those things aside and pack the things that you are not going to need first.  Put those items on the bottom and then put the more priority items on the top.

    When you unpack, everything that you are going to need will be waiting for you on top.

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