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    7 Moving Hacks to Make Unpacking Easier

    Packing up all your belongings is one thing–you’re ready for a new start and excited to get things moving. Unpacking, on the other hand, can be a very different experience. Suddenly you’re faced with a once-empty home that is now filled to the brim with boxes upon boxes of your belongings. Make unpacking easier by trying out these helpful moving hacks, and don’t forget about your local movers Castlegar, moving professionals ready and willing to help you with your move.

    1. Put Labels on the Sides of Your Moving Boxes

    Rather than labeling your moving boxes on the top, label them on each side so you can easily identify your belongings when your boxes are stacked on top of each other.

    2. Move Your Heavy Items in Suitcases

    Rolling suitcases are great when you’re moving. The handles and wheels allow you to move your heaviest items much more easily. You’re also moving the suitcases in the process and will have fewer boxes to get rid of afterwards.

    3. Cover Bottles of Liquid with Plastic

    Bottles of liquid like shampoo, lotions and cleaning supplies have a tragic tendency to leak or burst during the hectic moving process. Either store the bottles in plastic food storage bags or cover the tops of the bottles with plastic wrap before you put the lid on to avoid a mess.

    4. Slide Garbage Bags Over Your Clothes

    Instead of taking your clothes off their hangers, folding and packing them and unpacking and hanging them up again, simply slide garbage bags over your clothes while they’re still on the hangers. Pop the hanger hooks through the end of the garbage bag, and you’re good to go. It saves time and space, and it makes them much easier to transport.

    5. Use Styrofoam Plates to Cushion Your Dishware

    Wrapping all your dishware in newspaper takes up a lot of time and space. Simply putting a styrofoam plate in between each plate is much quicker, saves space and still protects your dishes.

    6. Wrap Breakables in Your Folded Laundry

    If you don’t want to use all that styrofoam, you can instead wrap your dishes and other breakables in your clothing. We all have clothes that don’t fit in the closet and are sequestered to the dresser. Use these items to protect your breakables, and move multiple items in one go.

    7. Organize Your Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls

    All those pesky cords are one of the many banes of our moving experience. Lessen the hassle by folding them into toilet paper rolls. This keeps them from getting tangled and makes unpacking them much easier.

    Let Movers Castlegar Help You

    Don’t let the moving process stress you out unnecessarily. Let the professional movers Castlegar help you to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. We’re based in Nelson, BC, but we’re here to help anyone moving in anywhere in the Kootenays. Contact us here at Kootenai Moving today to see what all we can do for you.