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    Moving Your Pinball Machine

    Do you have some unique items that you want to take with you to your new home? Many serious electronic gamers have pinball machines in their game rooms or man rooms. They can be somewhat problematic to move as pinball machines are notoriously sensitive.  Here are some tips on how to move your pinball machine and minimize the impact on it.

    Start with the Back Box

    There are three main parts to a pinball machine, and you are going to need to deal with all three of them to successfully move yours. The first is the back glass or back box. This is the part that the ball doesn’t touch and usually keeps score.

    Most machines, unless they are really old, will allow you to fold the back glass down. If you have an electromechanical pinball machine (from the sixties or early seventies), then you will need to disconnect the wiring harness. Do this by opening the back of the back glass and looking for the large wired connector. Once you have unplugged this, you can fold the back glass down.

    Newer machines will either have a locking or latching mechanism. These can be engaged through the use of specialized Allen key tools or latching mechanisms right inside the back glass.

    Older machines might require that the box is removed entirely. Open up your back box and look for two or four large bolts to remove in order to take the box off.

    Remove the Legs

    To make the machine easier to move, and to take up less space in the truck, you will need to remove the legs from the machine. This isn’t difficult, but it will require that you open up the pinball machine.

    If you look inside at the corners, you will see two bolts in each corner. Those bolts run through the machine to the outside where they hold the legs on tight. You will need a socket or two in order to remove these bolts. Remember to support the machine as you take the legs off.

    Wrap and Protect Your Machine

    NEVER put the legs inside the machine or wrap them onto the pinball glass. They can cause damage. Use furniture blankets to wrap the back box and main body of the pinball machine. Carefully secure them to the machine using adhesive that you stick to the blankets, not the machine itself.

    Use stretch wrap to protect each of the legs from scratches, then tie them together if you wish. Then wrap the package with blankets or something else to protect them during the move.

    Remember to Get a Hand Truck

    Pinball machines are notoriously heavy. You will need a hand truck to move it around and keep it from being damaged. Make sure to pad the truck as well in order to avoid damaging your pinball machine.

    Let the Expert movers in Castlegar Help

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