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    Tips for Packing Your Breakables

    Moving to a new home, though stressful, can be a very exciting time for many families. You get an opportunity to start fresh, set up all your furniture and other belongings the way that fits best in your new house. But nothing ruins the excitement like opening one of your boxes — that was correctly labeled “fragile,” mind you! — only to find it full of broken wine glasses or china plates.

    While there are many movers in Castlegar that are sure to handle all your belongings with the utmost care, the best way to ensure everything you own arrives intact is to pack correctly. Simply throwing things in boxes and labeling them won’t cut it when you can’t account for how much jostling your boxes will endure while moving. Here are our most recommended tips for packing breakable items.

    1. Pick the right box.

    Don’t try and fit as many breakable items as you can into an oversized box. You may think you’re being more efficient, but they’re all more likely to break that way! There are often boxes made especially for certain items, such as dish packs for china and ceramic dishes and plates. Unlike other boxes, they are designed specifically for fragile items. The cardboard is thicker, and the extra dividers help absorb shock from the usual movements during transit.

    2. Line your boxes.

    The extra dividers in the proper boxes for breakables are often not enough to absorb shock and completely protect your belongings. Before packing in your items, line the sides of your box with crumpled up paper, like newspaper. This will help absorb shock and cushion your breakables. Make sure there are several inches of crumpled paper at the top and bottom of each box, and that boxes are slightly overfilled. If you hear any rattling of items inside when you gently move a box, it isn’t packed tightly enough!

    You should also use paper to individually wrap each item. Using more than one sheet will add even more protection against movement. You should also crumple paper to stuff in the inside of your items so that they are protected from every angle.

    3. Fill in empty spaces.

    Also, be sure that the empty spaces in your boxes are also filled with paper that’s been crumpled up. This will help keep each individual item in place during transportation. If you’re out of paper, other items may work, such as packing peanuts, plastic bottles, or Styrofoam.

    4. Tape is your friend!

    Packing tape, that is! Don’t trust other, flimsier kinds of tape to keep your boxes together. Packing tape is more durable and built to hold cardboard together, as it is stronger and wider than other types. Err to the side of using too much rather than too little!

    5. Hire movers in Castlegar you can trust.

    Of course, hiring a moving company to help you and your family relocate is paramount to making sure your belongings arrive safely. Kootenai Moving has over two decades of experience being trusted movers in Castlegar. If you’re in the process of moving house, give us a call today!