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    Keeping Your Movers Happy

    Keeping Your Movers Happy

    A good moving crew is capable of turning the most difficult move into a cake walk. If you have decided to go with professional movers, you may be wondering about the proper way to keep them happy. Obviously, you are going to do things differently with professional movers than you would if you had friends or family helping you out. Here are some ideas on how to keep your professional movers happy and ensure that the job gets done quickly!

    Don’t Forget the Beverages

    Moving is hard work. No matter what time of year that the moving is getting done, you are going to want to have beverages on hand for your movers to drink. Bottled water is always a good choice, but if you want to add a little variety, you might want to have coffee, soda or iced tea. Whatever it is, keep it in the fridge (except the coffee) so that it is cold. Until they move the fridge, that is!

    Stay Away from Alcohol

    A quick note about alcohol: avoid it. It may seem like the “cool” thing to do to offer alcohol to your movers, but it can just lead accidents or impaired ability. If you want to, tip in cash and let them spend it at the bar on their own time.

    What about Lunch?

    While it is certainly a great idea to give the crew lunch, they won’t come expecting it. If you are going to do lunch, having something quick for them is probably best. Think of food that you can eat while you are on the move. Things like pizza, sandwiches or other hand foods are a great option. If you want to stop and offer a full lunch as tip, that is perfectly acceptable. If you do choose to do this, ask the crew what their lunch preference would be so that you ensure that you get them something they will enjoy.

     Cash Tips

    So if you are considering giving a cash tip, the big question is how much? Obviously, you don’t want to be insulting to a mover, but it can be difficult to figure out what the proper amount is. Don’t try to work out a percentage of the cost. Moving tips just don’t work the same way. Think about it more as a per hour basis. The longer the crew is there working, the more that you should tip them.

    Then there are the additional things to consider. Was the day overly long? A short day is 3 to 4 hours. An average day is 7 to 8 hours, and a long day is 12 hours. The longer the day, the more you want to increase the tip.

    Don’t forget to figure in things like long difficult stairwells or any additional things they might have done for you. Make sure to reward for good service.

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