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    What Not to Pack

    What Not to Pack

    So, you are planning a move. Now that you know you are going, it is time to get organized and figure out just where everything is going to go. One of the biggest jobs when you are moving is the packing. Where to put everything, what kind of boxes you need and what order you are going to load the truck. When you are making up your list, remember that there are some things that you shouldn’t pack. Moving companies simply won’t or are not allowed to move some items. Other items are too important to pack up. Finally, some items might not survive the move. Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t pack when you are moving.

    Garage and Basement Items

    There are some things lurking on the shelves of your garage and basement that you just shouldn’t pack up. The main reason why is because most moving companies are not allowed to move items that might be considered hazardous. It may even be illegal to transport those items without a special license. Things to be careful of are gasoline, fertilizer, car batteries, weed killers, ammonia based cleaners, chlorine bleach, paint thinner, motor oil, pesticides and lighter fluid are some examples of things that you should not pack up.

    You need to have very specialized equipment to pack these things. If you really need to move them, you need to ask your moving company to provide the necessary equipment. They may not be able to do so, so be prepared to have to dispose of these things prior to your move.

    Perishable Food Items

    It should go without saying, but packing the items in your refrigerator into boxes for your movers is just a bad idea. Food is a big one that movers simply will not take. If you have pantry goods or other types of dry goods, it shouldn’t be a problem. Anything that has an expiration date or needs to remain refrigerated should be either eaten before your move or put in a cooler and taken to your new home by you.

    Remember, plants are considered perishable items. Moving companies are not going to move your live plants. Make sure to have a plan to get them to your new home!


    Valuables can take on many forms. They might be jewelry that has a high value. They could also be family heirlooms that you simply cannot replace. Finally, you may have valuable paperwork in your home such as the deed to your car, identification or other sensitive items. All of that should not be packed up for your movers.

    Have a separate file or small box to carry these items yourself. Take them with you if possible, or have them mailed to your new address if it is not.

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