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    A Message From The President

    “It isn’t about trucks, dollies, rug runners for us, it’s about our staff and the 150% they give of themselves to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and needs on the day of the move. With our experience, attitude and knowledge we’re not just moving things, we’re creating an experience that will make people look back in years to come and say ‘those guys were awesome’. We aim to be a breath of fresh air to our customers. See what our customers say…

    I love my family and I want to give them a financially secure future. To achieve that I work very hard to give my customers a flawless move. I know that an outstanding experience, whatever field you are in, will lead to repeat business. I directly associate the wellbeing of my family with my ability to exceed my customers’ expectations, which will bring them back again and again.

    The difference between us and other moving companies our positive mental attitude, energy, compassion, consideration, attentiveness and our spirit. Most of our business in Michigan came from referrals and we aim to repeat that here in Canada.

    I want to be an active part of the community here in Nelson, and I want to make a long-lasting contribution. I don’t appreciate a hard sell so I treat people with respect, by giving them my time, knowledge and expertise which hopefully means they will turn to me when they next need moving and storage services.”

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    Four Important Points About Doing Business With Us.

    Craig Courtney, on the left


    A Fun-Loving Professional

    This is a fun photo of Lance and Craig with his super hero mover suit on.

    Craig Courtenay in his Super Hero Movers outfit

    Below is a 24 second video of Craig doing something completely different. 🙂

    If you’d like to see Craig in a more serious mode, please see our Professional Packing Videos.

    Please contact us any time for advice or help with your next move. We’ll be happy to talk to you.