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    Moving a Piano

    So you really want to move your piano? While it is great that you have a piano and you want to take it with you, you really should consider having yours moved by professionals. Not only is it complicated and dangerous to move a piano, but they can also be easily damaged or cause serious injury if you aren’t careful.
    If you still think you can handle the job yourself here are a few of the things that you should keep in mind when you are going to move a piano.

    Assemble Your Team

    Moving a piano isn’t a one or two person job. You want to have at least four (or more) people on hand to get the job done. They should all be prepared to do some heavy lifting and have gloves and other protection for their hands. Steel toed boots don’t hurt either if things go south. Having a cheering section or someone on hand to dial the proper authorities if needed won’t hurt either.


    Get the Piano Ready

    Moving a piano needs some specialized equipment. You can’t just pick it up and carry it out of the house and into the truck. You are going to want to have some heavy duty furniture straps on hand. You are also going to want to have two furniture hand trucks or dollies available as well. You will be able to use these to roll the piano on the flat surfaces. Even if your piano has casters they aren’t really designed for this kind of move. Putting stress on them can cause them to break.

    Finally you are going to need furniture blankets. You don’t want to damage the exterior of your piano. Take a few of those blankets and put them inside as well to protect the piano there as well. Make sure your lid is locked or secured properly if you don’t have a lock.


    Watch out for the Top Weight

    Pianos are built to sound great not distribute their weight. This means a heavy top with weight in strange places. You need to understand how the weight is distributed in your piano before beginning the move.

    Failing to do so could cause the piano to tip over causing damage to the piano or worse, one of your moving team. Even jarring the piano too suddenly may cause some of the internal mechanisms to shift, break or need repair. Have we mentioned you really should have a professional do this?


    Balance is Key

    When it is finally time to lift and move try to keep everything in balance. Move slowly and carefully with each person lifting to one side. Be as gentle as possible when moving.
    When it comes to stairs just don’t even attempt it. If there are stairs in the way put the piano down and call the professionals. It just isn’t worth it.


    Need Movers in Kamloops to Move your Piano

    Contact Kootenai Moving to help you move your piano. Save yourself the time, aggravation and the cost of a new piano!