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    How to Find Out About your New City Before you Move

    Moving to a new city can be both exciting and stressful. If you have never been there before or have only been there for a short visit, you may be wondering about many things. Did you pick the right neighborhood to live in? Where are the best places to eat? Where is the nightlife located? All these questions and more are things you might be considering.
    So where should you look to find the answers to these questions and more? Here are some places that you can check out for information on your new city before you move there!

    What is my Commute Going to be Like?

    Looking at a map and doing the simple mileage calculation may not tell the whole story on what your morning commute is going to be like once you get to the city. Choosing the right place to live in relationship to where you are working can be the difference between a 15-minute drive or a 2-hour nightmare.
    Take a look at what Google Maps has to offer with their traffic overview function. You can use this to overlay your route for specific days and specific times. While it isn’t perfect, it can give you a really good idea of what places you want to avoid on your daily drive.

    Where are the Best Schools?

    Parents with children may accept a longer drive to work if it means finding a good school for their kids. That is why using the internet to read school reviews can be a critical tool in choosing a neighborhood. There are several websites that have school reviews, and searching the forums for the school districts to see what kind of programs they offer, can clue you into the quality of the district.
    Remember, even if you do not have children, good schools usually mean good neighborhoods. Resale values for homes in areas with good schools are generally higher than they are in those without. These are important things to keep in mind when considering where to live.


    See What the City Has to Say

    Many cities offer new resident resources that are run by the city themselves. Call the seat of the city government to see if they have any official resources, websites or packets they might send you with information on the city.
    Contacting the city government directly can also help with any local laws that you may need to be aware of that are not the same in your own city.


    Look at Neighborhood Resident Forums

    Most communities have forums that are regularly used by residents. These forums can be a great place to get the scoop on issues in the community, crime rates and other tidbits that will give you a candid look into that neighborhood.


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