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    The Advantages of a Storage Unit for Moves

    Thoughts of moving probably conjure up pictures of boxes, tape, bubble wrap and moving blankets. One thing you might not think about when considering a move is a storage unit. The thing is, a storage unit can be a great tool to utilize when you are planning your next move. Here are some reasons why you might consider getting one for your next move, courtesy of your movers in Castlegar.

    More Flex in your Move

    It’s moving day, and everyone is there to help you load up the truck. After all of the heavy lifting is done, it is now time to drive—possibly several hours—to your new home and then redo all of the work you have just done. Even worse, you might have less people to help you. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easier way?

    Having a storage unit allows you more flexibility to your move. Instead of having to move everything in one day to beat the end of a lease or the sale of a home, you can actually move in stages. Storage units are a great intermediate step that allows you to have much more flexibility in your move. You can take the things that you are really going to need on your first trip then head back to get more when you get your essentials unpacked, and the home in some better order.

    Resolve Timing Issues

    Sometimes a move’s timing just doesn’t work out. You have to start that new job before you have found your new home, or if you need a few more weeks before the sale of your new home goes through. Whatever the reason, a storage unit can help you to resolve the problem of what to do with your things until the timing works out. You get to make the move schedule instead of having it dictated to you by job or other constraints that are out of your control.


    Life doesn’t stop because you have to move. This means that you need to focus on everything in life you normally focus on, plus having to deal with a move as well. A storage unit can keep your focus on the things that you need to be focused on.

    Don’t clutter up your already busy home with packed boxes that the kids or the pets are just going to get into anyway. As you pack your boxes, you can move them to your storage unit where they are out of the way. The same happens on the other end when it is time to move in. Unpacking doesn’t happen overnight, so a storage unit can hang on to the things that you don’t have time to unpack right away, allowing you to prioritize the process on what you need most. Think of all the energy you get to conserve doing it this way!

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