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    Hire Short Distance Movers in Castlegar for your Local Move

    Are you thinking that you can handle moving yourself because you aren’t moving very far? Any move, no matter the distance, is complicated. It takes time, planning and lots of effort on your part. Just because you are only moving a short distance doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be considering hiring movers.

    Professional movers in Castlegar, like Kootenai Moving, can help make your local move cheaper, run smoothly and be less complicated than trying to do it yourself.

    Moving by Yourself Isn’t Easier

    Think about all of the things that you need to handle when you are moving. If you’re moving your own things, all of that responsibility is on you: lining up a truck, finding people who can help you on the move day, and pack. You will also need to plan out all of the packing, get the packing supplies and then pack everything up yourself.

    Loading and unloading the truck don’t change no matter how far you are moving. Once the truck is packed then you have to drive across town and do everything you just did, only now in reverse. Still think it’s easy?

    Moving Yourself Doesn’t Necessarily Save you Money

    You may be thinking that doing the move yourself is going to save you money. While there are tricks that you can use to save a few dollars (finding used boxes for example), you also need to consider all of the extra time and effort you are going to be spending to organize the move.

    Moving trucks are typically rented by the hour and that doesn’t include fuel costs. Any extra equipment like packing blankets, appliance dollies and specific moving tools will add to the cost of the truck.

    Even if you manage to save money on the boxes, you are still going to need the right packing tape and padding for your boxes. The costs of renting a truck and packing supplies can add up quickly, but the most costly part of a do-it-yourself move is probably the money you’ll have to pay in replacing things that get broken on moving day.

    Get the Job Done Right

    Instead of dealing with the costs and hassle of doing a move yourself, consider letting professionals get the job done for you. In most cases, a short distance move is going to cost you hourly instead of a flat moving fee.

    This cost includes the packing materials and having the movers get all the packing done and organize for you. All you need to do is set up the appointment and let the professionals do their job.

    How to Choose a Good Moving Company

    Start by looking at reviews of local movers. Ask your friends or coworkers who may have moved recently for advice. Pick up the phone or send me an email asking for a quote.

    Looking for Movers in Castlegar?

    Looking for someone to handle your local move? Then contact the experts at Kootenai Moving!  Use my Local Estimate form to find out how much your move is going to save you by having it done by professionals.