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    Spring Storage Tips

    Spring has sprung and so has the time to clean house, organize and store your winter gear away for another year.  If you are struggling with space and are looking for storage help, then this is the blog for you.  As the premier movers in Nelson, we would like to offer you these spring storage tips.

    Storage Lockers – the Perfect Solution

    A personal storage unit is the answer for all your storage needs.  It allows you to seamlessly rotate and transition your summer and winter gear and items without taking up any space in your home.  A personal storage locker is ideal for:

    • Seasonal sporting goods such as skis and golf clubs.
    • Summer patio furniture.
    • Holiday decorations.
    • Bulky seasonal clothing such as jackets and sweaters.

    These are just a few of the many items that are probably taking up space in your garage or home that can easily, securely and safely be stored in a private storage locker.

    While you are organizing and preparing your home for that seasonal rotation, take the time to see if you can downsize any personal items by either donating them or throwing them away.

    Here’s the Deal:

    When deciding if you are going to keep or discard an item, ask yourself the question – did I use this item this season?  If the answer is no, then chances are it is not worth storing and you should think about moving it on.

    Plan Ahead

    The longer days and warmer weather make spring the perfect time to get your house organized and ready for summer.  Spring is also traditionally the busiest time for movers as well as storage needs and demands, so plan ahead.  We recommend that you reserve a private storage unit before the busy spring season.  This will ensure that you get a unit that can accommodate your storage needs.

    If time or proximity is a factor that is affecting your storage needs, portable storage containers may be the answer.  Portable storage containers can keep your goods and items safe and close to home and can be easily relocated.

    Storage Tips

    Here are some tips that will make the packing process and organization of your seasonal items easier and more manageable:

    • Use storage bins, boxes shelves and even tables to keep your items organized in your storage locker.
    • Remember to label your bins and boxes. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find an item in a certain box because you forgot where it was stored.
    • Store the items that you will need in the immediate future near the front of the locker. This way you will not have to go rearranging and digging for that item when you need it.

    Spring is the perfect time to get your winter items ready for storage and begin the seasonal rotation.  We offer a wide range of storage solutions that are safe, clean and secure.  Please call us today so we can discuss and offer solutions for your unique storage needs.