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    Protecting your Walls and Floors During a Move

    The last thing you want when you are moving is extra work or extra costs.  A damaged wall or flooring are unwanted byproducts of moving and unfortunately, happen more often that you may think.  As the premier movers in Nelson, we would like to offer you the following tips on how protect your floors and walls during the moving process.

    Cover Your Furniture

    When you are moving any type of cumbersome or heavy item, it is a good idea to cover it in a blanket.  A blanket will provide a buffer from a sharp edge on your furniture and protect your walls from scratches and scuffs.  A furniture blanket will also provide extra padding and soften an impact in case a heavy object is accidentally dropped on the floor.

    Don’t Drag It

    Dragging or pushing your furniture will damage or scratch your floor.  If you cannot lift and carry these items across the floor, think about using:

    • Furniture sliders. Make sure to use a high quality slider that is made of either hard plastic or hard rubber.  A quality slider will lessen or eliminate the friction between the heavy object and the floor and will not mark or damage the floor during the process.
    • A rubber wheeled dolly. A dolly will make moving even the heaviest and most difficult items a cinch.  Make sure that the wheels of the dolly are non-marking and are clean before use.

    The Right Box

    Believe it or not, all boxes are not created equally.  It is important to use boxes that are not damaged or torn in any way.  When you are packing your boxes, make sure to pack them light enough that you can carry them up and down stairs without struggling or bumping into walls.  You do not want the bottom falling out of your box, damaging or breaking your items as well as the floor.

    Here’s the Deal:

    Reinforce your boxes with packing tape to give that added protection and reassurance.  A reinforced box is less likely to come apart at the most inconvenient time.


    A doormat is a great way to prevent unwanted debris and dirt from entering your home and ultimately staining your carpets.  Make sure that your doormat is clean and remember to wipe your feet each time you enter your home.

    Cover Your Shoes

    On rainy, wet or snowy days, a doormat may not offer enough protection.  Shoe covers take carpet protection to a whole new level.  Proper use of shoe covers will guarantee that your carpets are neither stained nor soiled at the end of your move.

    Leave it to the Pros

    The best way to ensure a damage-free, stress-free move is to hire professionals.  Professional movers have the experience, know-how and tools to get even the most awkward items out of the door without marking or damaging your floor or walls.

    At Kootenai Moving, we offer outstanding customer service and provide free estimates. We can tackle any move and our attention to detail from beginning to end is second to none.  If you would like more information about our services or how we can assist you on moving day, contact us today.