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    How Protect your Furniture During a Move

    The process of moving all of your belongings from one home to another can be challenging to say the least.  It is the more cumbersome items, such as your furniture that are usually the most difficult to move because of their size, weight and bulk.  The last thing you want to do is damage your furniture, the walls or doors as you move them from one home to another.  As the premier movers in Nelson we would like to offer you this guide on how you can protect your furniture come moving day.

    Measure and Assess

    Take the time to assess each piece of furniture and establish a plan on how you are going to move each piece.  Consider if any of the pieces of furniture will need to be professionally packed such as antique chairs or tables.  While you are assessing your furniture, decide if you are going to replace any of it when you move to your new home.  If this is the case, you will need to discard the old furniture instead of packing it.

    Now it is time to measure each piece and decide how it will fit through the doors and hallways of both the old and the new house.  Make sure to:

    • Measure the width, height and length of each piece of furniture.
    • Measure the diagonal dimensions of each piece to see how you can negotiate stairs, corners and doorways.
    • Have a floor-plan of the new home with you to gauge how each piece will fit in the space of your new home.


    Now that you know the measurements of your furniture, it is time to disassemble some of the bulkier pieces to make them more manageable and lighter to carry.  We recommend that you:

    • Take legs off couches and chairs, so that they will better fit through doorways and around corners.
    • Remove table legs.
    • Remove and safely pack glass elements to prevent them from breaking.


    Label each disassembled part and safely fasten and store the bolts, washers and screws with the corresponding piece of furniture.

    Pack and Protect

    It is a good idea to cover your furniture to prevent any dings or scratches as well as your walls and door frames.  Some of our recommendations for covering your furniture include:

    • Furniture Blankets – these blankets are usually thicker than traditional blankets and weighted so that they will not slip off mid-move.
    • Bubble Wrap – Excellent for fragile items. Make sure to wrap each piece multiple times to ensure proper protection.
    • Shrink Wrap – Can be used to keep the pieces of your furniture together, especially useful for disassembled pieces.

    Professional Help

    No amount of protection and assessment can replace the knowledge and experience of professional movers.  We have moved countless pieces of the most difficult and cumbersome furniture all without damage.  We offer free quotes and provide professional moving services that are guaranteed to make your moving experience a more positive and stress-free event.  To see how we can help you, contact us today.