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    Tips for Moving in the New Year

    The New Year is the perfect time to move into a new home and give you that fresh start on life.  Although moving can be a stressful time, we as the premier movers in Nelson would like to offer you these moving tips to ensure a smooth New Year’s move.

    The Right Moving Company

    Finding the right moving company is the key to making your New Years’ move a success.  Some of the qualities that you will want to look for when choosing your movers include:

    • An accurate quote
    • Friendly, professional and reliable service.
    • Fair and competitive pricing.

    These factors are important because a quality moving company will ensure a stress and problem free move.

    Start Early

    The earlier you begin the entire moving process, the less stressful the move will be.  Once you know the date you will be moving and have found the moving company that will help with the move, it is time to prepare your belongings.

    Begin by packing up the items that you are not using.  For example, your summer attire as well as summer toys can be packed away.  By starting early and doing a little bit of packing each day, you will be surprised how little packing you will actually have once moving day finally comes.

    Keep Organized

    As you begin to pack up your personal belongings, make sure that your boxes and storage bins are properly labeled.  We suggest including a checklist in each box in case the labelling becomes damaged.  A checklist can provide the details of the contents of any box, while the outside label can be far more general.

    For example, the label can read kitchen and the checklist can read dishes, cutlery and cups.  This way when it comes to unpacking boxes, you can save time and begin with the items that are most important.

    New Year’s Resolutions

    A New Year’s move is also a great time to start some New Year’s resolutions.  Use the move as a beginning to better organize your life.  Anything that you do not need or do not use, either sell, donate or throw out.  Not only will you have to move less things into your new home, you may be pleasantly surprised with the end result of owning less.

    If you want to take organization to a new level, take the time when unpacking to think about how you want your new surroundings to feel and where you want certain items.  Again, look hard at whether your items have a place in your new home or if they do not fit into your new life.

    These New Year’s moving tips will not only provide you with a fresh start in a new home, they will also make the moving process a stress-free event.  We would love to be a part of your New Year’s move and offer friendly, professional moving services at a competitive price.  Stop by or call today and see why we are Nelson’s premier movers.