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    How to Properly Pack Your Glassware

    When it comes to moving, perhaps the most difficult item to pack is your glassware.  Not only is it fragile, it is also prone to chipping or cracking unless it is packed properly.  As the premier movers in Nelson, here are some tips on how to pack your glassware for your next move.

    Pack it Right

    The most important part of packing your glassware is using the proper packing material.  Two of the most common items used to properly pack your breakables are:

    • Soft Packing Paper – Make sure to wrap each individual glass or dish completely. This will help to prevent any chips or cracks.
    • Bubble wrap – This miracle plastic can be used in conjunction with packing paper or on its own to provide a great protection for your glassware. Make sure to buy more bubble wrap than you think you will need as it will be in high demand for many of your other home moving tasks.

    Here’s the Deal:

    Try not to use newspaper when you are wrapping your glassware.  Unfortunately, newspaper can leave ink stains on your glasses or dishes.  You can use newspaper to fill in the extra space in the box after you have packed your breakables.

    Find the Right Box

    Not all boxes are created equally.  When it comes to finding the right box for your glassware, make sure that it is:

    • Not damaged in any way. This includes no torn flaps, bent corners or creases in the box.
    • Have a look at all your moving boxes and try to choose one that has thicker cardboard or even reinforced corners. You want as much protection as possible for your fragile dishes and glasses.

    Once you have found the right box for the job, gently place your breakables in the box and insulate each one with an extra layer of paper.  Make sure to fill the empty space with a packing material such as newspaper.  This will prevent any movement while the box is being moved.

    Do not over pack your boxes and make sure that they are light enough and small enough that they are not cumbersome or heavy.  The lighter and easier to carry, the less chance you will have of damaging or breaking your glassware.

    Make sure that you use proper packing tape on each of your boxes so that the bottoms do not fall out as they are being transported.  An extra layer or two of packing tape is recommended just to be on the safe side.

    Don’t Forget to Label

    After your breakables have been properly packed, make sure to label the contents of each box and mark each box as fragile.   This will not only allow the movers to pack each box accordingly, it will also make your job of unpacking so much easier.

    By following these guidelines, you should enjoy a damage and break-free move.  If you would like any more information about how to properly pack your breakables or are interested in the many moving services that we provide, please contact us today.  We would love to be a positive part of your moving experience.