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    How to Pack for a Long-Distance Move

    When planning a long-distance move, proper planning and organization are both important factors for a stress free and relatively easy move.  However, there are also some packing strategies that you can employ, so that you are not inconvenienced on either end of the move.  As your premier Castlegar mover, we would like to offer you the following packing strategies for your next long-distance move.

    Gather Moving Supplies

    Before packing, be sure that you have gathered the proper supplies, so that when you begin the process, you will be able to finish it uninterrupted.  The last thing you want to do is get distracted or run out of packing tape, it can not only be an inconvenience, it can also waste precious packing time.  When gathering your packing supplies, make sure to include the following:

    • Packing tape, scissors, markers for labeling and sturdy boxes of all sizes.
    • Newspaper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap or anything else to pack fragile items with.

    Label and Sort

    The earlier you begin packing for your long-distance move, the better. However, it doesn’t make sense to pack away your television a month early.  Try to pack nonessential items or seasonal items first, so that they are out of the way.

    Here’s the deal:

    When packing your nonessential belongings, be sure to label the contents in each box, down to the last detail.  Labelling will make the unpacking process so much easier and allow you to find items faster.

    Pack a Necessities Box

    Not everything needs to be packed away in a moving truck.  Instead, try to pack important belongings in a box and keep that box with you in the car as you travel to your new home.  A necessities box should include the following items:

    • Important paperwork and documents such as insurance and passports.
    • Toiletries and contact lenses, glasses etc.
    • Chargers and personal electronics.
    • Hoodies, jackets or a change of clothes in case the weather is different or changes during your move.

    Keep the Kitchen Together

    When you are sorting and packing, try to keep similar items from each room in the same boxes.  The most important two rooms in your home will be the bathroom and the kitchen.  You will want to keep the belongings from each of these rooms in the same boxes with detailed labels.  Chances are, these two rooms are going to be the first two places to be used once you have moved into your new home.

    These long-distance packing strategies will allow you to enjoy a seamless move and an easy transition into your new home.  If you would like more information and other packing strategies or are interested in our long-distance moving services, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your next long-distance move and look forward to working with you soon.