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    How to Prepare a Pool Table for your Long-Distance Move – Part 1

    Pool tables can provide countless hours of entertainment, but when it comes to moving them, they can be quite a hassle.  Because of the sheer size and weight of a pool table, before moving it, you are going to need to disassemble it.  As your premier Castlegar movers, here is a step by step breakdown of how to properly take your pool table apart and how to safely pack and store it on your long-distance move.

    The Required Tools

    In order to securely disassemble your pool table, you are going to need the proper tools.  Here is a list of tools that you will need to complete the job.

    • A drill or screwdriver with a Philips head.
    • A socket wrench and ratchet (typically 14 mm and 15 mm).
    • A staple puller or a flat head screwdriver.
    • Needle nosed pliers.
    • Moving blankets to wrap each piece to prevent any damage to the walls or the table pieces.
    • Plastic bags, tape and a marker to label and attach the screws, nuts and other accessories associated with the pool table for easy reassembly.

    Disconnecting the Pockets

    Now that you have the proper tools for the job, you can begin.  The first step when disassembling your pool table is to disconnect the pocket liners.  If you do not have pocket liners in your pool table, you can skip this step.

    Firstly, remove the screws or staples that secure the pocket straps to the table.  After you have removed the screws or staples, you should be able to squeeze the sides of the pockets and push them through the apron to remove them from the table.


    Store all hardware and screws in a clearly marked Ziplock bag.

    Remove the Rail Bolts

    After removing the pocket liners, the next step is to remove the rail bolts.  Lay underneath the pool table and remove each bolt with your socket set.  Most rails typically have 3 bolts, so you will probably need to remove a total of 18 bolts to disassemble the rails from the table.  Do not remove the smaller apron bolts yet.

    Remove the Corner Miters

    Once you have removed the rail bolts, you can remove the rail system from the table – this is a two-person job.  Flip it over and on each corner, remove two corner casting brackets.  Use a flat-head screwdriver for this job.  After removing the screws, you will be able to lift the corner pieces (miters) out of the rail system.


    By following this step by step procedure, you should be well on your way to disassembling your pool table for the long-distance move.  Join us next month for the final steps required to properly disassemble and pack your pool table.  If you would like further clarification or details on how to take apart your pool table or are interested in our long-distance moving services, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your next move and look forward to working with you soon.