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Nelson Movers Tips for Creative Packing

Even though we sell packing supplies we also understand that a lot of people like to make use of what they already have in their homes. There’s very good reason to this as using items from your home is efficient and it will also help with the loading and unloading process. As Nelson Movers, we see a lot of creative ideas in regards to packing and we thought we should offer some of the best tips for saving space, time and a little bit of money too.

Unexpected Items for Creative Packing

1.      Blankets, Sheets and Towels – Use these to provide as extra cushioning in your next move. With the extra padding there will be less movement within the box and less chances of possessions breaking. Plus it eliminates a box or two that would normally be filled with linens.

2.      Old T-shirts and Socks – Old t-shirts and socks can even be used to cut out the wiggle room in boxes of electronics or knick knacks.

3.      Old Plastic Bags – While most of try to cut down on the amount of plastic bags we accrue from the grocery store, there’s usually a stash somewhere under the kitchen sink. These plastic bags can be used for providing extra padding or for separating cutlery, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies or loose items from drawers.

4.      Books and Magazines – Because of their sturdy nature, books and magazines can make excellent padding in the bottom of a box. This will ensure for a weighed down box which will prevent any chances of tipping. Rolling a magazine and stuffing it in the corner of a box will also prevent movement in the box.

5.      Luggage, Backpacks and Gym Bags – For the items that don’t necessarily need to be packed in a wardrobe box, using your luggage or other bags is a great substitute. We often pack empty suitcases, luggage and backpacks. Some people even put empty backpacks in boxes. This also works great if you are moving long distance and you would like a specific suitcase for your clothes for the next couple of days.

We hope that these tips help you lighten the load and pack more efficiently. Of course, some items just don’t work in backpacks or surrounded by blankets and old t-shirts. But, as Nelson Movers we offer a full line of packing supplies to ensure your move is organized and packed right. Please contact us for more information on our storage facilities and moving services.