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How to Protect your Home While Away

We’ve all been there. We go on vacation or just away for the weekend yet we worry about our home security. As your Nelson Movers we felt that everyone should have the knowledge to protect their homes and forget about the stress. So we brainstormed and scoured the internet for additional suggestions to compile a list of the top 5 recommendations for protecting your home while away.

5 Tips for Protecting your Home

Volunteer to Watch your Neighbor’s Home
If you’re a bit hesitant to ask your neighbors to watch over your home while you are away there is a way around. Volunteer to watch over your neighbor’s home before they ask and this make them more likely to reciprocate the favor. When you watch over their home, ensure you’re doing a first class job by collecting mail, feeding any pets and keeping an eye on any activity.

Never Hide your Keys Outside
Even though you think the hiding spot under the big rock beside the BBQ is an ingenious and incognito spot – it’s not worth the gamble. Leave your keys with a trusted neighbor, friends or a family member that lives close by.

Maintain a Tidy Front Yard
Another sign that nobody’s home is to leave your yard unkempt. Hire your neighbor’s kid to take care of the lawn, shoveling or raking while you’re away. This will give any person passing by the impression that somebody’s home and they really appreciate a well-kept yard.

Find the perfect balance with Blinds and curtains
Many of us believe that if you’re not home you should keep all the blinds and curtains closed. But this is a loud signal that says, “Hey strangers, I’m not at home!” The best way to avoid this is by balancing the mixture of open curtains, blinds and lighting. Keeping the odd light on or asking your neighbors to turn on the odd light in the evenings is a good way to give the impression that somebody is home.

Tell your Post Office
One of the best ways to advertise that no one is home is to let your mail pile up. Avoid this by asking your post office to hold your mail while you are away or by asking your neighbor to collect it while watching your home.

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