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Packing Small Appliances

How would we be able to cook without all of those useful kitchen gadgets? Toaster ovens, blenders and mixers are what make most kitchen masterpieces possible. When it comes time to move them though, what is the best way to do it?

It is tempting (and almost seems to make sense) to put them all in their own box. That can get expensive quickly, as all of that space adds up. Here are some tips and tricks for moving your small kitchen appliances.

Make Sure Everything is Clean and Dry

The first step is to make sure that you have cleaned everything thoroughly and dried it off. No reason to take breadcrumbs or pudding from your old house into your new one. When you are cleaning them, make sure that they are unplugged and only submerge them in water if the manufacturer says that is okay. Make sure you give them enough time to dry off, as packing wet appliances can lead to weak boxes.

Prepare the Appliances for Packing

If you have the original boxes for your appliances, that is the ideal situation. Repack them the way that the arrived to ensure that they do not get broken on the move. If you have chosen to toss out the original boxes, you just need to make sure that your appliances are wrapped up tightly and cushioned. Use newspaper and bubble wrap for this purpose.

Get Your Boxes Ready

Now it is time to get the packing boxes ready. Remember that your appliances are going to have some weight to them, so packing a large box full of appliances is a good way to end up with a broken box. Stick to medium sized boxes and take the time to reinforce the bottom for the extra weight. Do this by using extra tape as well as taping the sides and corners for added support.

Pack Your Appliances

Start with the heavy ones and put them at the bottom of the box. This helps to stabilize the weight in the box as well as prevent smaller appliances from getting squished. You can take the time to play a little Tetris as well. It may take some moving around to maximize the space in your boxes to pack the most appliances in there you can.

Fill In Empty Spaces

You need to prevent your appliances from shifting around while they are being moved. This means filling in all of that empty space with something. Use your packing paper, foam peanuts or other packing filler fill in all the empty spaces in the box. Then tape the box closed. Make sure to mark it which way is up so things do not get smashed by people carrying a box upside down.

Sure you can do all this, or you can let us do the packing for you. Kootenai Storage and Relocations are your expert Castlegar movers. Contact us today for a quote on your move!