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Storage Unit Organization 101

Are you moving from a larger space to a smaller one? Maybe you need some time to figure out where you are going to be living permanently and need somewhere to keep your things in the interim. No matter what reason you have for getting a storage unit, you are going to want to make sure the things you store there are easily accessible, protected from damage and easy to get back out when you want to remove them from storage. Here are some tips for organizing your storage unit.

Make an Inventory List

Not knowing where something is can be frustrating enough when all of your things are in one place. If you are going to be living in one place while having other items in storage, it can nearly drive you insane. If you have an inventory of what things you have in storage, it can make managing your things much easier. Use whatever method you prefer, electronic or hard copy, but start the list when you are moving your things into storage. If you add or remove items, remember to update your list. Otherwise, it becomes less and less helpful.

Labels, Labels, Labels

Another great organizational method for your storage unit is to keep things labeled. You are going to want to have all of you boxes and bins arranged so the labels are clearly displayed and readable. Make sure to keep this concise but also meaningful. Having four boxes labeled kitchen won’t tell you which box your cast iron Dutch oven is in when you need to get it. It defeats the purpose of having labels if you have to root through your boxes to find what you need. You can even match your labels to your inventory by coding the boxes and then having your master list show what the contents of each box is.

Heavy Stuff on the Bottom

Your things are going to be in storage for at least a month. This means that having heavy boxes on top of light boxes is going to get your light things crushed. When moving your things into storage make sure to keep the more weighty items on the bottom and lighten up as you stack. You might also want to make sure that your bottom boxes can withstand the weight of everything that is stacked on top of them. Use heavy duty packing bins or cardboard for that bottom layer.

Keep Frequently Used Things Up Front

If you know you are going to be heading back frequently in order to pick up certain items, you want to make sure those items are stored in an easily accessible place. Put those items up front or in an aisle that you can get to with minimum effort.

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