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Nelson Movers’ Tricks to Moving During Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away. For a tight knit community like Nelson BC these seasonal affairs, even without an accompanying statutory holiday, are a big deal. Households are decorating and families are snatching up last minute candy and costumes from department stores. However there are those that are under the impression that they may have to skip the festivities this year because for them October 31st marks moving day for their home. Moving on Halloween can indeed be a bummer, but by following a few easy tips your family can still enjoy this annual tribute to ghosts, goblins, witches…and candy.

4 Tips to Moving While Still Enjoying Halloween

1. Decorate Your New Home, But Do So in Moderation

It’s important to make an impression in your new neighborhood. Instead of being tagged as those “new people” moving in on Hallow’s Eve, be sure let it be known how fun your family is by simply decorating the entryway of your new home, even if it will see more action from people walking in with boxes and houseplants as opposed to trick or treaters. No need to go overboard, simply stick to big impressionable decorations and leave the small ornate and cobwebby stuff for next year. Want to have more fun with the process? Have your family dress up in themed family costumes for the move as well – the neighbors will get a kick out of seeing the Munsters or Adams Family moving in next door.

2. Make Time for Your Kids’ Trick or Treating

If your children are still of the age that loves to go trick or treating then do not let moving day hamper this special time for them. Pretty soon they’ll be at a stage where they won’t want to and you as a parent will pine for those sweet days of old – don’t miss out on an opportunity to make more memories. Setting aside an hour or two is also a great way to introduce yourselves to the people who live in your new neighborhood.

3. Keep Plenty of Candy on Hand for Trick or Treaters

The worst possible thing you can do from day one when moving into a new community is to get in the bad graces of the kids living in the neighborhood. They’ll gossip about you faster than the ol’ blue hairs at the local bingo hall and will keep your house in mind when mischievously running around with rolls of toilet paper on every Halloween evening from here on in. If you’re moving in on the 31st be sure to keep a BIG selection of candy (think chocolate bars, not those cheap candy Rockets) on hand so that you keep your new mini-neighbors happy and well fed. You’ll fast become the favorite household in the community if you do.

4. Plan Events Before Moving Day

Regardless of how well you follow the above three tips it won’t exactly be the most memorable (for the right reasons) Halloween day for your family unless you spread out the celebrations somewhat. Thankfully as each year passes the allure of Halloween grows as community centers, shopping malls, cafes, and movie houses slot Halloween events into their schedule days and even weeks before the 31st. Be sure to attend as many of these events in the days preceding the final day of the month. This way, even if the 31st is spent haunted under a pile boxes and bubble wrap, you will still have made the most out of the season.

We hope these “tricks” help with your family’s Halloween household relocation. Should you be looking for a more effective way to take the load off of your move to free up time for festivities then do not hesitate to contact Kootenai Moving, your Nelson moving company.