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5 Tips for Moving with Children

Moving is normally a huge life event, even for adults. Big moves can be especially hard on the younger members of your family. From announcing to organizing, moving with little ones is a tough task to accomplish. Make your family’s next move smooth by following these 5 tips for moving with children.

  1. The Big Announcement

It is very important to communicate effectively with your children when you have made the decision of life events occur that cause you to relocate. Calling a family meeting to sit everyone down and formally explain the situation is a great approach to announcing you will be moving. Be sure to have all of the information, and do not leave anyone in the dark. Know where you are going, when and be prepared to explain why. Tell them how you are feeling about the move and allow them to voice their feelings and concerns as well. As adults, we often forget that our children have built their whole lives in the area they are currently living in. While some may be excited about going to a new place, others will find the experience traumatic. It is important you communicate as effectively as possible to keep the move positive.

  1. Keep the Kids Involved

Keeping the kids positive and excited is a big deal. Having them involved in the moving process, from home selection to packing, will help them feel like this is their move, too. Even simply being able to select their new room can help bring some normality to an event that is a big change in their lives. If you are moving to a new city, be sure to take virtual tours beforehand, then visit locations when you arrive in the area. Show your children their potential schools and extra activities that would be available.

  1. Cut the Clutter

Packing a family is a huge task. Now is the time to cut the clutter. Have your children go through their things and donate or toss any items they no longer use. You do the same – save yourself the extra time and work packing things you no longer need. Having a yard sale if you have the time is a great way to involve the kids and make a few bucks.

  1. Plan the Rooms

After you have found a new home for your family, let the children help with planning the rooms and decor. This will be their house as well and they need to feel like it is home. Creating a safe place for your children in the middle of a big change will insure they do not feel lost in the chaos. Let them help you put together a home that you will all be proud to call your own.

  1. See You Later

The hardest part of moving for children is often leaving behind friends or family. Having a party to tell everyone goodbye is a great way to positively leave behind the people you have grown close to. Make sure that you take this time to exchange information so that your kids may keep in touch with each other for years to come. Make moving from your children’s friends “see you later,” not “goodbye.”

Moving can be a huge, life changing event for children, but it does not have to be a negative experience. By following these 5 tips for moving with children, you can help your next big move go smoothly. For more information, speak with a Kootenai moving rep and visit our moving page.