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Packing up The Garage

It may be the last place in the house you decide to pack, simply because it can be the most challenging. After all the dishes, pillows, books and clothes are packed, the only thing that is left to pack is the garage.

Most garages can be a cluttered collection of odds and ends that seem to defy the ability to pack with any sort of logic. Here are some tips for organizing the items you might find in those spaces for your upcoming move.

Purge those Chemicals

The first place to start is by removing things that cannot be moved by professionals or in rented vehicles. Typically garage chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, gasoline and oil are the types of items that you should leave behind. Check with your local laws on how to dispose of these chemicals properly.

Group Those Tools

Once you have all the hazards out of the way, it is time to gather up your tools. Start by grouping your tools by size. One example is to keep your long handled tools like brooms and rakes together.

After you have your tools grouped, secure them based on their size.

  • Long handled tools should be taped or wrapped together with shrink wrap then boxed if at all possible.
  • Sharp tools like pruning shears or hand saws should be carefully wrapped and their blades protected from damage. This will also help prevent injury. Pack sharp tools on the top of boxes where they can clearly be identified, not at the bottom of boxes where they may cause injury.
  • Hand tools can be left in tool boxes or cases. Box them together, but remember, their weight can add up quickly. Do not overload packing boxes!
  • Power tools should have all attachments removed, moving parts secured and wrapped, and then boxed separately for the move.

Lawn Furniture and Outdoor Items

Pack your lawn furniture by removing all of the cushions and boxing them. Load up your outdoor furniture the same way you loaded your indoor items.

Grills should have all flammable materials removed. This includes charcoal and propane cylinders. Clean your grill of any oil, debris or dirt. Secure any parts that might shift around during your move.

Child swing sets, fire pits, sports equipment and other recreational items should be dismantled as best as you can. Bundle like parts together with shrink wrap or tape. It is a great idea to take pictures and notes when you are taking them apart so they can be easily reassembled.

Lawn Mowers and other Gas Powered Equipment

With any equipment that runs on gasoline, you will need to drain the system of all gas before moving. Clean equipment as best you can and secure any moving parts with tape, wire ties, zip ties or locking hardware provided by the manufacturer.

Once you get all of your garage items packed, contact Kootenai Storage and Relocations, trusted Creston movers, for all of your moving needs including professional movers, moving supplies, storage or moving equipment.