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Making a Moving Budget

When purchasing or renting a new home, don’t forget to make sure that there is enough money left over to cover your moving expenses. Even if you are choosing to move yourself, there are costs associated with moving. The best way to manage these expenses is to build a budget. This will ensure that you are not caught needing money that you don’t have or prevent you from spending more money than you need.

Figure Out Your Spending Limits

You need to start by figuring out what kind of money you have to spend on your move. Depending on your financial situation, you may have to postpone your move (if you can) to ensure that you have enough to cover your costs. Remember, if you are cutting it close, or even under funded for your move before you start, things are only going to get worse.

Planning a spending limit can also help you from spending too much on a move. If you set a limit to what you are willing to spend, you will be much less likely to go over.

Include the Costs of Your First Month

If you are moving into an apartment, you may have to cover the first and last month of rent, as well as a security deposit. This initial outflow of money might leave you strapped, so be sure to include this in your moving budget. You are most likely not going to have access to the money from your previous security deposit return for this move, so plan for that. These initial costs may help you to better schedule your move to time with a paycheck or bonus.

Plan a Safety Margin

No matter how thorough your quote for the move is, there are going to be some additional cost. You may have forgotten something critical, or the mover may have to charge extra for one reason or another. Having a margin of 10 or 20 percent will ensure that you have extra money available for those little things that were missed. It also makes a good pizza and snack fund for all the folks who are helping you move.

The Cost of Kids

If you have children, there may be additional costs for getting babysitters or other things to keep them occupied during the move. You don’t want to have rowdy kids in the middle of a move that you are trying to coordinate. Happy kids are worth the extra cost.

Transportation Costs

The cost of the van or truck is not the end of the costs of your transportation to your new home. Every car or truck that will be traveling with you is going to need gasoline. Depending on how far away you are moving, those costs could add up quickly.

Once you have your budget set, consider the best movers in the Castlegar area, Kootenai Moving! Contact us today for a quote on your move!