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    Surviving a Long-Distance Move – Tips for Couples

    Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting time; a new beginning and a new start. However, sharing space can also present a range of difficulties ranging from what items to keep and who gets the bigger closet.  A long-distance move can complicate things even more and magnify any of these challenges.

    As your premier Castlegar movers, we would like to share the following guidelines on how you and your partner can easily navigate a long-distance move and start your new life out on the right foot.

    Formulate a Plan

    In order to keep the stress and difficulties to a minimum, a well thought out and detailed plan is needed.  Before jumping right into the boxing and packing process, be sure to sit down with your partner and write down a detailed checklist of everything that the both of you are going to need to do during the move.  When creating this list be sure to include:

    • Compile a detailed list of you and your partner’s belongings. Once you have completed this list, look at overlaps or duplicates (2 coffee tables) and decide which one you are going to pack and which one you are going to sell or donate.
    • Decide what appliances, furniture and electronics you are going to pack and which ones you are going to leave behind.
    • Gather all the needed packing materials (tape, sharpie, sturdy boxes of all sizes, newspaper and bubble wrap).

    Here’s the Deal:

    Try to start the moving process as early as possible to reduce as much stress as possible.  Start with any seasonal belongings or other rarely used items.  Store boxes in a separate room or in storage until moving day.

    Know your Role

    Here is a great way to look at the strengths of your partner and utilize those strengths to make the long-distance move easier.  If your significant other is great at time-management, let them create the schedule of the move.  If one of you is better at handling stress, then put them in charge of any last-minute problems or challenges that may arise.  Work towards recognizing and utilizing each other’s strengths.

    Hire Professionals

    Leave the difficult parts of the long-distance move to the pros.  Furniture, appliances and any other heavy or cumbersome items can be left for the team that you have hired to move.  It is important to keep in mind that moving in with your partner is supposed to be a fun and exciting time, not a stressful and difficult time, made even more unpleasant because the two of you need to move impossibly heavy items.

    These guidelines will help you and your partner enjoy a stress-free long-distance move.  If you have any other questions about this topic or are interested in the moving services that our company offers, please contact us today.  Our friendly and professional staff would love to help you with all your long-distance moving needs.  We look forward to working with you soon.