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    Storing Your Valuables: Questions To Ask For New Customers


    Storing valuables and other possessions can be a little nerve wracking. Objects we care about enough to store are also often things we would rather to keep a personal eye on. Space is a valuable commodity, though, and sometimes storing valuables and other possessions can’t be avoided. This is especially true during a move, as uncooperative possession dates, pre-move renovations, and downsizing can all necessitate storing items for a later date. That’s why as full service Creston movers we have our own storage facilities for clients who require them. You need to find the right storage facility for your needs, somewhere your valuables will be safe and sound until you find the space for them again. As a result, it’s very important that first time customers know what questions to ask when storing possessions to avoid an unpleasant surprise down the road.

    One of the more anxiety inducing aspects of storing your valuables is the fear of theft. If your items are in storage for a long period of time without ongoing inventory, theft can go unnoticed. That is why it is important to ask if the storage unit you are considering is secure. In doing so, consider the number of entry points to the wider storage complex as well as how secure the individual space is, as it’s difficult to steal anything from a room you can’t get to. As a result, a storage facility with fewer points of entry is often a more secure choice.

    Another part of theft prevention that is the responsibility of the storage facility is monitoring the storage units. You should always ask how much the facility is monitored and what kinds of precautions they take to keep your possessions safe. These precautions could include technological monitoring, such as with motion sensors or cameras. There should also be staff monitoring the facility. Some storage facilities are monitored 24/7 to make sure there is no opening for opportunistic thieves to access your unit after everyone goes home, which is obviously desirable. Even if you are taking these anti-theft precautions when choosing a unit, you should still try to have a full inventory of what went into the unit and what comes out when you are done with it.

    Finally, you should ask about the features of the storage space itself. Is it climate controlled? For some possessions intense heat or cold can be problematic, so depending on what you are storing this may be a large or a small concern. Humidity can also be an issue, especially if you are storing paper items like books and magazines. It is also a good idea to check storage spaces for signs of water damage, as a leaky unit and a long period of time unchecked tends to add up to mold and rust.  A storage facility with the right climate can preserve your items better.

    We hope this information helps you to store your items safely and securely!