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    Grand Forks Movers present spring cleaning tips

    Spring Cleaning Tips From Our Grand Fork Movers


    As your Grand Forks movers we are starting to see a lot of households take on their spring cleaning.  If you are planning a move in the next few months, now is the perfect time to start chipping away at the work load. Even though summer is known as the moving season, by planning ahead you can enjoy the summer weather more and clean while it’s still a bit chilly. With that said, we thought this would be the perfect time to go over some quick spring cleaning tips.

    5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Grand Forks Home

    1. Baby Steps – Don’t try and get all the big jobs done in one weekend – like cleaning under the fridge or even repainting. Make a list of small job as well as big jobs and split them up over the weekends so you can get all your work done and still enjoy your social life.
    2. Clean Green – No one wants to be cleaning all day with nasty chemicals and fumes. Opt for green cleaners, either store bought or homemade. If you are considering making your own cleaners, here is an article which provides instructions for glass cleaners, degreasers and more.
    3. Yard Sale – Once you’ve made a list of cleaning projects start some piles for donations, yard sale nominees, recycling and garbage. Hosting a yard sale before the move or even just to get rid of some old belongings is a great way to make more room in your house and give it a fresh feeling.
    4. Donations – Donations go a long way, so whatever you couldn’t sell in your yard sale should be considered for donations. Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to rid your home of unnecessary items and forgotten clothing.
    5. Mind the Yard – Spring cleaning doesn’t stop in the house it only begins there. Once you’ve made a list of interior projects take a walk around outside and look for projects you’ve always wanted to complete but never had the time too. The momentum that you’ve started with the interior projects will help you jumpstart the exterior cleaning projects. Even if you don’t have any major projects, after a few dry days you can begin weed whacking, mowing and planning your garden.

    During your spring cleaning you may come across winter recreational equipment that you may want to store over the spring and summer months. Please feel free to contact us regarding our short term and long term storage solutions.