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    Preparation Tips for your Long-Distance Move – Part 2

    When it comes to a long-distance move, preparation is key.  There are so many different factors that are a part of this kind of move and if even one is overlooked or forgotten, the whole moving process can be chaotic and stressful.  As Castlegar’s premier movers, we would like to offer these important tips that will make your long distance move a smooth and stress-free experience.

    Get to Know your New Home

    Before making your final move to your new home, you should take a weekend or a few days to get acquainted with your new town.  When visiting this neighbourhood, make sure to familiarize yourself with some of the following key areas:

    • Local grocery stores.
    • Restaurants in and around your home that are accessible during the unpacking phase of your move.
    • Local schools and universities, if they are applicable to your family.
    • Various routes to and from work to alleviate stress due to congestion or rush hour traffic.
    • Key points of interest for any hobbies that you or your family may have.

    Here’s the Deal:

    A long-distance move to a new town or city can often be overwhelming and even scary.  Try to eliminate as much of this anxiety as possible by being proactive.

    Change of Address

    In today’s world, changing your address is a little more complicated than just a visit to your local post office.  You will also need to contact the following service providers:

    • Credit card companies.
    • Insurance companies.
    • Other service providers such as internet, cable, investors and cell phone.
    • Your bank. You may need to close out your accounts if you are also transferring banks instead of just branches.

    Take the time to go through your contacts and let them know your new address.  This includes business associates and other people you will want to keep in touch with.  Do not rely on having your mail forwarded to your new address as this is often unreliable.

    Important Calls to Make

    With so many factors to remember when moving long-distance, one often overlooked job is placing some very important phone calls to your utility providers.  These calls include:

    • Your hydro company. Make sure to not only cancel your power, but also have power at your new residence.  No one wants to unpack in the dark.
    • Gas company. You will want heat in your new home, especially if you are moving during the winter months.
    • Water, if applicable.
    • The city to cancel property insurance as well as services such as garbage or recycling.

    These important long-distance moving tips will ensure that your move is as stress and anxiety free as possible.  If you are interested in other helpful long-distance moving tips or would like to see how we can help with your next move, please contact us today.  We look forward to working with you soon.