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    How to Pack Items for Storage

    Preparing to move can be an arduous task. As much fun as it is to think about where everything will fit in your new place, there can be a problem if you have way too many things to pack up. When situations like these arise, the best option is to find a self storage unit near you and relocate your extra possessions there.

    However, even with self storage, there are a number of things that must be considered to ensure your property is secure. Before calling a mover in Castlegar, read on about what steps to take before sending your things to self storage, as well as what to know when you have a unit.

    Packing Your Things

    You may not consider it, but how you pack your items before moving makes a big difference when it comes to how easy the move will go. When organizing your belongings, use the following tips:

    • Create a list of items and pack in respective boxes
    • Make labels for all boxes, including ones marked “fragile” for breakable items
    • Keep box sizes limited to two
    • Don’t place all heavy materials in boxes. Doing this could cause items to tip or collapse (it’s better to place heavier items at the bottom of boxes, then fill to the top with lighter weight things)

    Other tips relate to what is being packed. For example, books should be placed in multiple smaller boxes compared to one big box. Also, lay them flat to protect damages to the book spines. Easily breakable things like mirrors, glassware and picture frames should be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper.

    Cleanliness plays a big role in packing up as well. By avoiding placing smaller items in plastic bags, you can prevent potential mildew development. Plus, using packing tape to fully seal boxes helps keep dust from settling on your possessions.

    Setting Up Your Self Storage Unit

    Now that all your things are packed, it’s time to find a spot to hold it. With many self storage units available throughout the area, the one you pick depends on your needs. One of the top factors is the security of the location, so be sure to check with the owner of the units on what safety features are available. Here is some info on how to make sure your unit is used efficiently:

    • After selecting a unit, set up a plan to organize how your possessions will be placed
    • If there are shelves available, use them as needed
    • Make sure frames and mirrors are stored upright
    • If possible, disassemble furniture to save storage space

    Much like during packing, it can be important to make sure your storage unit is clean. There are many steps that can be taken as a defence from mildew and other issues, from adding moth balls and moisture absorbers to adding raised pallets.

    How Movers Castlegar Can Help You

    When it comes to setting up your move, making sure your things are stored and protected can be the first step in ensuring a smooth process. If you are in need of movers in Castlegar or surrounding areas, Kootenai Moving is here for you. We offer quality service to residents throughout the Kootenays. Learn more by calling 250-354-8402 or visit our website today.