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    Organizing Your Move


    The best move is one that goes off without a hitch. The best way to ensure that your move goes smoothly is to organize things before you pack a single box.

    Here are some ways to organize your move, both before and during, to make sure that everything goes as well as you would like.

    Buy a Notebook and Write Everything Down

    Before your move starts, you need to create a record of what you want to do. The more you write down, the less you will tend to forget important items.

    Try developing a numbering system for packing. You can organize your boxes by number and create a list of the contents of each of the boxes. This will help in finding items when you are unpacking.

    Create a To-Do List

    A to-do list is the best way to ensure that you will not forget a critical item. Make sure to stick to your list, and check things off as they are completed. A half used list can be more cumbersome than no list at all.

    Sort Before Packing

    Before you start putting things in boxes, sort through them. You might find quite a few things you no longer need. If you do this far enough ahead of your move, you could have a garage sale or take your unwanted items to a flea market. You can also donate unwanted items to charity.

    During your sorting, group like items together. Belongings can be scattered about your home. Now is the time to gather everything up and get it all in one place for packing.

    Identify Items You Wish to Personally Move

    If you are having professionals move your items, or if you are having friends help with your move, there might be some fragile or important items that you want to move yourself. Gather and set those things aside first, if you can.

    Use the Right Box For the Right Job

    Packing a large box full of books can make the move difficult. Packing a small box full of towels is a waste of a box. You want to keep heavy items in smaller boxes that are easier to carry. Larger bulky items should be packed in large boxes; they take up more space but weigh less. Try to keep box weights around fifty pounds.

    Make sure to include some bottom padding when packing your boxes. This will prevent damage to your packed items if your boxes are jostled around while being moved.

    Label your boxes both for contents and destination rooms. This makes unpacking a much easier process.

    Purchase the Correct Moving Supplies

    Do not cut corners with your packing supplies. Items like tape and bubble wrap are important for your move. If you improvise or pick cheap alternatives, your items might get damaged during the move.

    With a little organization, your move can be a snap. When looking for Creston movers, contact Kootenai for your moving needs. We are here to help!