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    Our Nelson Movers offer tips to ensure your next mover goes as smooth as possible.

    Nelson Movers 5 Tips for Preparing to Move

    Even though you may not be planning a move this month or even next, but we recommend following the suggested activities to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible. Moving can happen unexpectedly and for that reason we want to make sure you can accomplish everything you need to. So even if you’re moving in a year here arte 5 tips for all of you that like to plan ahead.

    5 Tips for Preparing to Move

    Avoid the Seasonal Build Up
    As every seasonal holiday approaches we dig out our decorations to proudly display in our windows or on our lawns. When the holiday comes to an end we recommend taking an objective look at what decorations should stay and which ones should be donated, recycled or trashed. This process can be repeated for seasonal clothing as well as recreational equipment.

    Out with the Old
    After you reassess your seasonal belongings you may want to have a look at some of your old possessions that are rarely used nowadays. A lot of people come up with this idea only a couple of weeks before the move and end of taking bad deals for their once loved possessions. Avoid this frustration and plan ahead. Advertise your old furniture, guitars, or camping gear months ahead so you have the luxury of making a deal that works for both parties.

    Friends Help Friends Move
    Chances are that you know a friend, family member or coworker that needs an extra hand making their next move. Offer to help out and the favor will be returned when it’s time for you to make your move. Besides the possibility of the favor being returned, it’s always nice to lend a helping hand.

    Don’t Put off Difficult Cleaning Projects
    If you have some spare hours on the weekend roll up your sleeves and champion a difficult cleaning project. By slowly chipping away at the major cleaning projects you can save some time for packing, planning and of course, relaxing.

    Schedule your Nelson Movers
    We recommend calling a few weeks in advance to schedule your movers and any needed storage. Planning ahead allows you to take your time finding the best fit for you and your budget. It allows you to review the company’s testimonials, reviews, and services without feeling pressured from a lack of time.

    Kootenai Moving has built their reputation on great service and putting the interest of their customers first. For ensuring your move goes as smooth as possible we recommend considering our tips mentioned above. Of course, feel free to contact Kootenai Moving if you have any questions regarding our relocation and storage services.