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    Fall Moving Tips

    There may be no better time than fall to move your belongings.  With a little planning and foresight, this season can offer many opportunities and advantages to the overall moving process.  Here are some tips by the premier movers in Nelson to help you fully utilize the fall moving season.

    Fall – The Perfect Season

    For the most part, the fall season offers many advantages in terms of the weather.  Although you will have less daylight to work with, you should also have cooler, more agreeable temperatures that will make packing and lifting those heavy boxes so much easier.

    However, it is important to also prepare for rain which is synonymous with the fall season.  Try to line up your moving day with a clear sunny day to avoid all the complications that rain can add to the moving process.

    However, here are some tips if rain just cannot be avoided:

    • Have tarps and blankets on hand to cover up your boxes and belongings in case the rain starts mid-move.
    • Protect fragile and electronic items with plastic wrap.
    • Keep a jacket or extra layers on hand that you can change out of, to keep you comfortable during the entire moving process.


    One of the main advantages of moving in the fall is that movers are less busy than in the summer and thus rates are better.


    Most people move at the end of the month, so try to book a more convenient time to move.  If you can play with dates; that flexibility should allow you to negotiate a better deal.

    Clear the Path

    With fall comes leaves, and lots of them.  Make sure to clear a proper path from the moving truck to your front door and keep it clear of leaves and fallen branches.  Not only do leaves and other debris create a safety hazard, and can become treacherous, especially if it rains, a clear path will also make for a faster move.

    Plan Ahead

    It is so important to thoroughly plan out your move regardless of what season it is, but this is especially true in the fall.  During this time of year, the temperature drops and cold nights are the norm.  Make sure that you have set up the utilities in your new residence in advance, so that you will have heat and light when you move in.

    A move can be both exciting and busy at the same time.  Make sure to do as much planning and preparation as possible, to lessen the load and make your overall moving experience as positive and enjoyable as possible.  We offer professional moving services at a competitive rate and are always ready to lend a helping hand.  Contact us today for all your moving needs.