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Cost Saving Tips for Moving your Furniture Long Distance

One of the most cumbersome and expensive parts of any long-distance move is furniture.  Not only is it heavy and often difficult to get through the multiple doorways, it is also large and tends to take up a lot of moving space.  As your premier Castelgar movers here are some tips that can help you save money and get all your furniture from your old house to your new one undamaged and as efficiently as possible.

Take Stock

Before packing any of your furniture, take a moment and think about if it is going to fit in your home and whether you will want to be replacing it down the road.  If you have been thinking about a replacement, then either sell or donate that particular piece.  This will not only save you money, it will also save you much needed space in the moving truck.

Here’s the Deal:

The more space that you save in the moving truck, the more money you will save on your long-distance move.

Some Assembly Required

Chances are you are going to have to disassemble a wide range of the larger furniture pieces in your home. This list includes:

  • Bed frames.
  • Oversized tables or dining room tables.
  • The legs on couches or large chairs.

Since you are already taking some of your furniture apart, you may want to just disassemble as many pieces as possible.  Moving, packing and unpacking smaller, lighter and less cumbersome furniture parts may make sense, especially when it comes to saving space in the moving truck.


Be sure to label and securely pack and attach all necessary, screws, bolts and other hardware.  This will make reassembling each furniture piece that much easier.

Measure and Plan

Many of us grew up playing the game Tetris.  A well thought out and planned long-distance packing job is a lot like the game – the goal is to get all your belongings as securely packed in as small of a space as possible.  Before going bananas, moving and packing household items and furniture pieces willynilly, take a few minutes to see how each large item is going to fit securely and safely in the moving truck.

If you have extra time or really want to get the most out of your moving space, then use a tape measure to take the dimensions of your furniture.  Knowing the dimensions of each furniture piece will also help you to come up with a plan on how to get each piece around corners, through doorways and up or down stairs.

By following these steps, you should be able to get all your furniture safely and securely packed and ready for your long-distance move.  If you have any questions about these tips or are interested in our long-distance moving services, please contact us today. Our friendly and professional staff are always ready to help.  We would love to be a part of your next long-distance move look forward to hearing from you soon.





Surviving a Long-Distance Move – Tips for Couples

Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting time; a new beginning and a new start. However, sharing space can also present a range of difficulties ranging from what items to keep and who gets the bigger closet.  A long-distance move can complicate things even more and magnify any of these challenges.

As your premier Castlegar movers, we would like to share the following guidelines on how you and your partner can easily navigate a long-distance move and start your new life out on the right foot.

Formulate a Plan

In order to keep the stress and difficulties to a minimum, a well thought out and detailed plan is needed.  Before jumping right into the boxing and packing process, be sure to sit down with your partner and write down a detailed checklist of everything that the both of you are going to need to do during the move.  When creating this list be sure to include:

  • Compile a detailed list of you and your partner’s belongings. Once you have completed this list, look at overlaps or duplicates (2 coffee tables) and decide which one you are going to pack and which one you are going to sell or donate.
  • Decide what appliances, furniture and electronics you are going to pack and which ones you are going to leave behind.
  • Gather all the needed packing materials (tape, sharpie, sturdy boxes of all sizes, newspaper and bubble wrap).

Here’s the Deal:

Try to start the moving process as early as possible to reduce as much stress as possible.  Start with any seasonal belongings or other rarely used items.  Store boxes in a separate room or in storage until moving day.

Know your Role

Here is a great way to look at the strengths of your partner and utilize those strengths to make the long-distance move easier.  If your significant other is great at time-management, let them create the schedule of the move.  If one of you is better at handling stress, then put them in charge of any last-minute problems or challenges that may arise.  Work towards recognizing and utilizing each other’s strengths.

Hire Professionals

Leave the difficult parts of the long-distance move to the pros.  Furniture, appliances and any other heavy or cumbersome items can be left for the team that you have hired to move.  It is important to keep in mind that moving in with your partner is supposed to be a fun and exciting time, not a stressful and difficult time, made even more unpleasant because the two of you need to move impossibly heavy items.

These guidelines will help you and your partner enjoy a stress-free long-distance move.  If you have any other questions about this topic or are interested in the moving services that our company offers, please contact us today.  Our friendly and professional staff would love to help you with all your long-distance moving needs.  We look forward to working with you soon.



Getting the Most Out of your Long-Distance Winter Move

Moving during a winter can add some extra challenges, but with proper planning you should be able to overcome these obstacles and enjoy a stress-free move.  As your premier Castlegar moving company, we would like to share the following tips on how to make your long-distance winter move a positive and successful one.

Clear the Paths

Snow and ice can be a mover’s nightmare.  To ensure everyone’s safety, clear the paths, roadways and driveways of snow to make the pathway easy to navigate and less slippery.  You can also use salt to melt any treacherous ice and make the move safer and easier for you or your movers.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing for the weather is an important way of ensuring that your long-distance winter move is a warm one.  Depending on what the weather calls for should dictate what you wear. Remember, it is winter, and you are going to be in and out of the house, so you will want to layer your outfit.

  • A winter jacket.
  • A set of gloves to protect your hands.
  • Boots or other sturdy winter footwear to provide extra grip.
  • A hat or toque to protect you from the cold.
  • A sweater or extra layer that you can easily put on or take off.

Check the Weather

Although you cannot change the weather forecast, you can try to accommodate for any challenges that the weather may bring.  If the forecast calls for snow, be sure to start clearing it early to prevent any build up.  If you are going to be moving in bitterly cold weather, be sure to lay out all the necessary clothing to stay warm.

Here’s the deal:

Be proactive when it comes to the weather to make your long-distance move as easy as possible.

Protect your belongings

Snow, rain or even bitterly cold weather can damage your belongings.  An extra layer of protection can go a long way when it comes to a long-distance winter move.  When packing any breakables add an extra layer of protection as cold can make glass very brittle.

When moving electronics or other fragile items, a layer of blankets will keep your belongings dry and add another barrier against the wet and cold.

Be sure to lay down cardboard in both your new and old house in the hallways to protect your carpet and flooring from scuffs, stains and any type of water damage.  This little step will keep cleanup to a minimum.

Proper preparation for a long-distance winter move is the key to ensure that it is easy and stress-free.  If you would like more information on how you can get the most out of your long-distance winter move or are interested in the moving services that our professional and experienced company provides, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and being a part of your next long-distance winter move.


New Year’s Resolutions for Long-Distance Moves

Thinking about setting some New Year’s resolutions?  Instead of setting unattainable and usually quite forgettable ones, why not change things up and set some resolutions that will help you with your upcoming long-distance move?  As your premier Castelgar movers, we would like to share the following New Year’s resolutions that will help you with your next long-distance move.

Manage Your Time

A New Year’s resolution around time management is a great goal, regardless of whether you are moving long-distances or not.  By setting a time management resolution, you will be able to get more done in a day, week or even month and this includes packing, sorting and other time-consuming portions all synonymous with moving.

Here’s the Deal:

Use a visual, such as a calendar or even your smart phone to help you get the most out of this resolution. A visual will help you plan your day and week as well as make any minor changes or adjustments so that you can meet each goal and reschedule to fit your busy life.

Manage Your stress

A healthy you starts with stress management.  A long-distance move is one of the most stressful jobs that you will encounter this year, so be sure to manage it by doing the following:

  • A regular yoga or exercise routine.
  • Scheduled time with family and friends.
  • Proper time management strategies that include time created to pack, box, sort and other moving related items.
  • A positive attitude and an outlook that the move is not a chore or a job but rather an opportunity.
  • Plenty of sleep.

Be Charitable

You don’t only have to be in the giving spirit around the holidays.  Instead, use your long-distance move as an opportunity to sort through all your belongings and donate the items that you no longer use or will no longer be needing.  A long-distance move is a great opportunity for you to donate and be charitable to your community and the bonus for you is less to pack, move and unpack.  Donating is a win, win situation.

Go Exploring

After the last box has been moved from the truck to your new home, put the unpacking portion of the move on hold and get out and explore your new surroundings.  Spend some time to acclimatize to your new town and neighbourhood.  You never know who you may meet or what new exciting places you will discover, so get out and explore.

These simple New Year’s resolutions will help you prepare for and manage your next long-distance move.  If you would like more information on any of these resolutions or are interested in other ways to help you with your upcoming move, please contact us today.  Our professional and friendly staff would love to be a part of your next long-distance move and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy New Year from Kootenai Moving.






Tips for a Stress-Free Long-Distance Holiday Move

Regardless of the time of year, a long-distance move can be a real adventure.  If your moving date happens to fall over the holiday season, then the added pressure may seem overwhelming.  Do not despair, as your premier Castlegar movers, we would like to offer you the following tips on how you can reduce the stress of a long-distance holiday move.

Take Advantage

Believe it or not, there are some advantages to moving during the holiday season.  There is far less competition during this time so you should have no trouble getting the moving date that you want.  There is a break from school over the holiday, so you will have extra time to transition your kids into a new school and have a mini holiday to settle into your new home.

Start Early

The best way to beat the stress of a long-distance move is to create a schedule.  A well-planned moving schedule should include the following information:

  • A detailed outline of when and what items are to be packed in each room. When putting this overview together make sure to create a detailed checklist of the contents of each box.  This will make the unpacking process that much easier.
  • A storage place for the boxes (the garage, a spare bedroom, so that the boxes are out of the way until moving day).
  • A supply of sturdy boxes, packing tape, a felt pen for labels.
  • Lay out an essentials box for each room – this box or boxes will be the last set of items packed and the first to be unpacked. Essentials include toiletries, medication, kitchen utensils, plates, bowls, bed sheets and linens, etc.

Starting early and proper time management is the best way to enjoy the holidays and reduce the stress of a long-distance move.

Lower your Expectations

Just because you are moving doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the holiday spirit.  Think about downsizing your holiday celebrations and decorations and you should be able to enjoy the bright holiday lights without feeling overwhelmed.

Enjoy the Season

A long-distance holiday move doesn’t spell the end of the holidays.  After you unloaded the last box and unpacked the essentials box for each room, put on some Christmas carols, make a cup of hot chocolate and embrace the remainder of the holidays.  The New Year is not only a great time for resolutions, it is also a great time to unpack.

These simple tips will reduce the stress and anxiety of a long-distance holiday move.  If you would like more information on any of these moving tips or are interested in the long-distance moving services that we offer, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your holiday long-distance move and look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Kootenai Moving.







How to Properly Disassemble and Pack a Pool Table for your Long-Distance Move – Part 2

A simple step by step process is the easiest way to properly and safely disassemble and pack a pool table for a long-distance move.  As your premier Castlegar movers, here is a detailed description of the second part of this step by step process as well as helpful tips on securely moving your pool table.

Remove the Aprons

A pool table has four aprons that are attached to the rails by bolts.  Once you have removed the aprons, wrap each piece in a blanket to protect them during the move.

Remove the Pockets

The next step is to remove the pockets by using a 14 mm socket or wrench.  There are 12 bolts in total that will need to be removed.  After you have removed the pockets, it is time to also wrap the rails up in a blanket to protect them from damage.

Remove the Felt

Get your needle nose pliers and staple remover ready for this step.  Take your time, so you don’t damage the felt when removing it.  If the felt is glued to the table carefully pull it back (go slowly as felt is notoriously easy to rip).

Here’s the deal:

Fold the felt neatly and do not put any pressure on the fold lines as you do not want to wrinkle or crease it.  Be sure to store it in a waterproof bag to prevent any water damage over the course of your long-distance move.

Remove the Slate Pieces

In each piece of slate, you will find 4 screws.  Label each slate #1 – #4 for easy reassembly and to avoid any confusion.  Be sure to mark the position of the middle of the table, so that you know the exact position of each piece of slate when putting your pool table back together.  You will need help with each piece of slate as they can weigh up to 250 lbs. Be extremely careful when packing each slate as a chip or scratch can ruin your whole table.

Disassemble the Frame

You can now flip the table over and begin disassembling each leg.  Attach and label the hardware and wrap the legs in a blanket.

That’s it, your pool table is now fully disassembled and is ready to be packed and stored for your long-distance move.  Ensure that each piece is properly labeled, and it is recommended that you pack each piece of the pool table together so that when you are moving in and reassembling the table, all the pieces are accessible.

By following these step by step instructions, you should have no trouble safely moving your pool table long distances.  If you have any questions or need help with any of these steps, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our friendly and professional staff is here to help, and we offer a wide range of long-distance moving services.  We look forward to hearing from you soon and being a part of your next move.


How to Prepare a Pool Table for your Long-Distance Move – Part 1

Pool tables can provide countless hours of entertainment, but when it comes to moving them, they can be quite a hassle.  Because of the sheer size and weight of a pool table, before moving it, you are going to need to disassemble it.  As your premier Castlegar movers, here is a step by step breakdown of how to properly take your pool table apart and how to safely pack and store it on your long-distance move.

The Required Tools

In order to securely disassemble your pool table, you are going to need the proper tools.  Here is a list of tools that you will need to complete the job.

  • A drill or screwdriver with a Philips head.
  • A socket wrench and ratchet (typically 14 mm and 15 mm).
  • A staple puller or a flat head screwdriver.
  • Needle nosed pliers.
  • Moving blankets to wrap each piece to prevent any damage to the walls or the table pieces.
  • Plastic bags, tape and a marker to label and attach the screws, nuts and other accessories associated with the pool table for easy reassembly.

Disconnecting the Pockets

Now that you have the proper tools for the job, you can begin.  The first step when disassembling your pool table is to disconnect the pocket liners.  If you do not have pocket liners in your pool table, you can skip this step.

Firstly, remove the screws or staples that secure the pocket straps to the table.  After you have removed the screws or staples, you should be able to squeeze the sides of the pockets and push them through the apron to remove them from the table.


Store all hardware and screws in a clearly marked Ziplock bag.

Remove the Rail Bolts

After removing the pocket liners, the next step is to remove the rail bolts.  Lay underneath the pool table and remove each bolt with your socket set.  Most rails typically have 3 bolts, so you will probably need to remove a total of 18 bolts to disassemble the rails from the table.  Do not remove the smaller apron bolts yet.

Remove the Corner Miters

Once you have removed the rail bolts, you can remove the rail system from the table – this is a two-person job.  Flip it over and on each corner, remove two corner casting brackets.  Use a flat-head screwdriver for this job.  After removing the screws, you will be able to lift the corner pieces (miters) out of the rail system.


By following this step by step procedure, you should be well on your way to disassembling your pool table for the long-distance move.  Join us next month for the final steps required to properly disassemble and pack your pool table.  If you would like further clarification or details on how to take apart your pool table or are interested in our long-distance moving services, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your next move and look forward to working with you soon.


How to Pack for a Long-Distance Move

When planning a long-distance move, proper planning and organization are both important factors for a stress free and relatively easy move.  However, there are also some packing strategies that you can employ, so that you are not inconvenienced on either end of the move.  As your premier Castlegar mover, we would like to offer you the following packing strategies for your next long-distance move.

Gather Moving Supplies

Before packing, be sure that you have gathered the proper supplies, so that when you begin the process, you will be able to finish it uninterrupted.  The last thing you want to do is get distracted or run out of packing tape, it can not only be an inconvenience, it can also waste precious packing time.  When gathering your packing supplies, make sure to include the following:

  • Packing tape, scissors, markers for labeling and sturdy boxes of all sizes.
  • Newspaper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap or anything else to pack fragile items with.

Label and Sort

The earlier you begin packing for your long-distance move, the better. However, it doesn’t make sense to pack away your television a month early.  Try to pack nonessential items or seasonal items first, so that they are out of the way.

Here’s the deal:

When packing your nonessential belongings, be sure to label the contents in each box, down to the last detail.  Labelling will make the unpacking process so much easier and allow you to find items faster.

Pack a Necessities Box

Not everything needs to be packed away in a moving truck.  Instead, try to pack important belongings in a box and keep that box with you in the car as you travel to your new home.  A necessities box should include the following items:

  • Important paperwork and documents such as insurance and passports.
  • Toiletries and contact lenses, glasses etc.
  • Chargers and personal electronics.
  • Hoodies, jackets or a change of clothes in case the weather is different or changes during your move.

Keep the Kitchen Together

When you are sorting and packing, try to keep similar items from each room in the same boxes.  The most important two rooms in your home will be the bathroom and the kitchen.  You will want to keep the belongings from each of these rooms in the same boxes with detailed labels.  Chances are, these two rooms are going to be the first two places to be used once you have moved into your new home.

These long-distance packing strategies will allow you to enjoy a seamless move and an easy transition into your new home.  If you would like more information and other packing strategies or are interested in our long-distance moving services, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your next long-distance move and look forward to working with you soon.