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Keeping Cool During a Summer Move

While the weather might be better during the summer than the winter, moving in the heat can be a challenge. As a matter of fact, the heat can be even more dangerous to the people hoisting the furniture if the proper precautions are not taken. Here are some tips for keeping cool during a summer move so that nobody has to head to the hospital due to heat stroke.

Drink Water

Yes, beer and pizza are typical moving foods, but beer will not keep you hydrated. Save the beer for the end of the move and keep lots of water on hand. Cold bottled water in coolers is best for moving. That way you don’t have to worry about having pitchers, glasses or leaving the refrigerator on during the move. Remember to have water ready at both the old house and the new house!

Dress Properly

While you may be tempted to dive into the bottom of the drawer for that heavy cotton t-shirt you no longer wear, don’t be. Stick to athletic clothing that can wick away sweat. This will pull the sweat away from you and help to keep your body cool. Cotton will just hold the heat and sweat against you making your body work harder to keep cool.

Cold Snacks

Instead of pretzels and chips why not have cool snacks? This might mean some planning to keep the fridge running (or use a cooler with ice packs). Cool fruits and veggies or even something like frozen grapes can be great snacks that will keep the movers filled up with plenty of energy. Fruit also makes for a great snack to eat during the drive. 

Use Fans to Circulate Cool Air

If you have a few fans, try to strategically place them in places where you can get the most air flow. Unused doorways and windows are best. Getting a cool blast of air when walking past a fan can be refreshing. Circulating outside air through the house will also keep things cooler than just opening windows and hoping for a breeze from outside.

Frozen Towels

Here is a simple idea to help freshen up hot movers. Take a couple of hand towels from the bathroom and wet them in the sink. Then pop them in the freezer at both of your locations. Pull one out and put it over your neck or on top of your head for a quick refreshing cool-down moment in the middle of the process.

Spray Bottles

Another quick cool down trick is to keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge. Turn the nozzle to mist and spray cool water to get refreshed quickly.

Hire Movers

The best way to avoid being hot during your summer move? Hire movers to do the move for you. You can wait in the cool air conditioning of your car or new home while the movers do all the heavy lifting.

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Keep cool during the heat of a summer move with these tips!

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Getting Started with Packing for a Move

Moving from one place to another is a huge feat, but it’s even more stressful when you have a lot of things to transport. If you have a large home or storage space, it may seem impossible to pack your entire life into neat little boxes. This can get even trickier if you’re moving into a smaller space such as an apartment. As exhausting as the process may seem, remember that all it takes is careful planning. Moving can be simple if you prepare yourself and your home in advance of your move. Find out how you can simplify your big move and how the Kootenai Moving, your movers in Castlegar, can help.

Plan Ahead

This may seem like an obvious tip but many people wait until the last minute to start packing their belongings. Procrastination is never helpful, and it will make the moving process much more tedious and time consuming.

One way to prevent a moving meltdown is by doing some pre-planning. Start getting prepared at least two months before you are scheduled to move. Once you’ve signed your new lease or had an offer accepted on a new home, head to your local moving supply store and stock up on boxes and containers.

Throw Some of Your Older Items Away

A big move is the perfect time to de-clutter your space. Do a thorough cleaning of your home a few months before your move. Go through all of your belongings, including clothes, books, appliances, etc and donate any items that you no longer use.

Create A Checklist

Buy a notebook and categorize all of your belongings into groups. Work on packing things away based on their category. Designate a day for kitchen items, clothing, tools, etc so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you’ve packed away the items, label the boxes with bright stickers or markers to keep everything organized.

Keep Track of Important Documents

Keeping your important papers and documents in tact during a move can be a bit difficult. During the chaos of moving, papers can be mistakenly thrown out or misplaced. Documents that are very important to you should be stored in a safe place before you begin packing to prevent misplacing them during a move.

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